About Karate


Japanese martial arts are more straight line fighting styles, than the circular techniques of their Chinese cousins. Commonly called karate, Japanese arts range from empty hand martial systems, to joint locking and throwing systems, to styles devoted entirely to weapons' practice.

The art of karate (kara-te), which means empty hand, is commonly believed to have come to Japan from the island of Okinawa, where fighting with weapons was banned for many years. Ancient Okinawan traders visited China's Fukien Province and brought back the martial techniques of China's southern Shaolin temple. The Okinawans developed such an effective self-defense system that many Japanese masters wanted it as their own. It was brought to the Japanese mainland in 1922 and eventually became the best known Japanese martial art. The karate arts of the All-Japan Karate Association Go-ju, wado and Shito ryus are among the best known karate systems.

Our discipline is the conglomeration of multiple arts including the Chinese, Okinawan, and Japanese systems and their weapons. We teach realistic self defense for any situation. Our Style is called Okami Ryu-Do.

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