Private Lessons
Anyone interested in doing privates, please contact us.  Please state which instructor or instructors that you wish to schedule with.

Barker Sensei Rokudan $50 / 45 min

Sensei Kenneth Barker $30 / 45 min
Amanda Korzep $30 / 45 min
Jeff Barham $30 / 45 min

Alex Krivchenia $25 / 45 min
Josh Brown $25 / 45 min
John Boykin $25 / 45 min

Two to three students doing a private together will get a slightly discounted rate.

All students must pay for private lessons up front with the instructor doing privates or Sensei Barham.

If a private is off location from dojo, then gas must also be paid.

*Instructor you have chosen
*Date and time desired
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